Ranked as one of the most favourite and widely consumed fresh fruits, the creamy fleshed, mineral riched, sweet bananas are a regular in the fruit baskets of every household. These curvy yellow fruits come prepackaged with high Potassium, Pectin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin A. The high Tryptophan content also helps in uplifting the mood.

Banana size, taste and keeping quality varies with different varieties and the cultivation practices. We enjoy a better climatic requirements for producing nutricious bananas in our agroclimatic zone. Coupled with this our natural and organic approach towards cultivation of the fruit holds the difference. As in Mango and Pomogranate we follow the same organic methods of farming in Banana also to bring this healthy food in a more healthier way to your kitchen. The taste, flavour, sweetness and keeping quality of the fruit are enhanced by applying the pure organic inputs to the plants in our farm.

We do not use Chemical like Ethrel and Carbide for ripening of banana.