The king of fruits is best known for its unique taste and flavour adorning the Indian plates both as raw and ripened. For centuries Rishis, poets and writers in Indian sub continent have been inspired by the fruit, its blossoms and the sacred leaves.

Mango comes with myriad of health benefits e.g. preventing cancer, heart diseases, asthma, eye diseases, lower cholesterol and promoting a general wellbeing just because the fruit is full of vitamins A, E, K, B6 and minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium etc. However mangoes ripened using chemicals like Ethrel and Carbide, as is the present day practice, may undo such health benefits.

In Annada Greens, we are having all the best varities of mango from Eastern, Northern and Southern India e.g. Amrapalli, Dasheri, Chausa, Baiganpalli, Mallika, Paida Rasam, Chinna Rasam and Mulgova. Amrapalli is our signature variety having more than 2000 young and healthy plants. Each of these plants is carefully grown in nature’s own way by following our age old traditional organic methods of cultivation.

The inputs of the organic farming e.g. cow dung, cow urine, compost, jeevamruta, vermicompost, Kadha of Organically grown Medicinal herbs ( Bio-pesticide applied to the trees as systemic insecticide) are sourced from our own farm instead of using the non verified commercially available inputs from the market.

A lot many farms of late are profusely using Palcobutrazol, a hormone that compels the tree to bear more fruits and Gibberellic Acid, another hormone to increase the size of mango. Such hormones are a big NO in our farm as we are here to promote health, not the other way.

Keeping in mind the carcinogenic effects of chemicals like Carbide and Ethrel on health of millions, we ripen the mangoes of our farm naturally by following grandma’s old ways and help them to reach you as fresh as possible.