Pomegranates have been enjoyed for thousands of years as an antioxidant, potassium and vitamin C rich nutritional punch across cultures. It promotes healthy living by neutralizing the harmful free radicals in our stressed lives.

The goodness of the fruit can only be best enjoyed by ensuring best cultivation practices and post harvest storage. Pomegranate trees respond spectacularly to heavy fertigation and is very succiptible to varieties of diseases and pests. So the source/ quantity/ frequancy of plant nutrition i.e. Chemical fertilizer / Organic manure and the ways of diseases/ pest control is very vital to our own wellbeing.

In Annada Greens we are fully aware of the nutritional needs of our customers and of the pomegranate plants that helps us to devise the cultivation practices in a more healthier way. Our back to nature practices incorporate natural ways of feeding the plants by green manuring, pure cow dung manure, vermicompost, jeevamruta, and bio fertilizers. Similarly we adopt a holistic approach against diseases and pests by incorporating the Integrated Diseases and Pests Managements practices involving bio pesticides and plant products of Neem, Karanj, Calotropis, Tulsi, Bael etc.

among others. Moreover we source these materials for nutrition and plant protection from our own farm. Our unique cultivation practices under expert guidance and strive for excellence are best seen in our farm’s King and Queen sized nutritious pomegranate fruits of wellknown Bhagwa and Mridula varities.